Neutral Bedroom Decor Trends in 2020

Bedroom decors in neutral theme, current trend in 2020.

Posted by Julia on April 10, 2020

Even though neutral decor sounds like a single theme the colours and combination can have a wide variety of choices. Choosing neutral decor needs careful thought and making a colour palette can be the best way to get started in designing the bedroom.

Choosing a neutral colour palette will provide a range of options, this includes colours like beige, white and grey. Choosing the neutral shade and its complementing shade is important in decorating the bedroom.

There is some furniture like bed frames, carpets and wardrobe that is ideal to match the neutral decor colour on the decor. It will be a great fit to have a white bed sheet and duvet cover the blend with the decor.

There are certain furniture and home decor accessories you can use in the bedroom as a popup colour with the complementing colour scheme. Ideal furniture to add popup colour to a neutral bedroom includes cushions, curtains, bedside table and so on. Bedside table can have a neutral colour as well but it can be a complementing colour as well.


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Upholstered bed frames as one of the popular choices for neutral decor, the upholstered material will give the flexibility to have the colour that matches the decor.

Bedside Table

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A full gloss bedside table or a matte bedside table can be a good choice for the bedside table. In both cases, the legs of the bedside table can be chosen from any finish from a matte black to a gold or copper finish.


Choosing a colour palette is important when decorating in neutral decor, as the contrast between the colours can be subtle it is really important to know which colour fits certain items whether it is furniture or soft furnishing item. Choose a popout colour to bring a touch of colours along with other muted colours.