Marble Furniture and Home Décor Accessories for a Neutral Décor

Mixing marble furniture with neutral decor.

Posted by Julia on April 26, 2020

Marble is one of the oldest materials used for interior décor, with this comes to an image of it being suited for traditional décor. But in recent years marble has made a comeback in style thanks to the marble furniture and home décor accessories that made it easy to be incorporated into any room without a huge investment.

Marble is the perfect material that goes well with a neutral décor whether that is a white marble piece to a darker colour. It can be used to add a muted colour that goes along with the rest of the décor or it can pop out a piece of particular furniture using darker colours.

Too much marble in the room can bring a cold and glossy finish to the room if you want to add marble without compromising the warmth of a room you can use one of these furniture ideas to blend it in.

Marble Top Coffee Table

Coffee Table Photo Source:

A marble top coffee table can be a perfect answer to adding elegance and luxury to a living room. When mixed with a fabric sofa it can still maintain the cosiness in the room.

As it can be seen from the photo that the marble coffee table feels like a perfect for the room with the fabric sofas and the rugs maintaining the warmth of the room. Marble still add that elegance and sense of luxury into the room.

Marble Coasters

Marble Coasters Photo Source:

This is a no brainer accessory that can keep the marble touch going throughout the house, they can be quite heavy and sturdy and I would be the first one to admit that they might not be the best accessory for a house with kids.

Marble Table Lamps

Marble Table Lamps Photo Source:

Adding a table lamp to a bedroom or a living room with marble material can enhance the look of the room.

When choosing a marble table lamp it is important to check style and design of the lamp, if you are looking for a modern marble table lamp you could come across some traditional designs and products that are still available in the market.

Concrete Tables

Concrete Coffee Table Photo Source:

Concrete is also a great material to complement marble in a home..

The shiny and sharp marble decor can be mixed with a rough and raw looking concrete tables to add contrast in a living room. Concrete also gives the durability and is neutral decor straight out of the box.


Marble materials are part of the modern trend as well, there are many ways to incorporate them in the décor using accessories and furniture like Coffee Tables, Coasters and Table Lamps.